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Pakistan Hindu Seva is a committed to the upliftment of marginalized and discriminated against communities. In many parts of Sindh province (particularly the districts of Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, Badin and Tharparker), the more vulnerable communities among the Hindu religious minority include the Kohli, Bheel and Meghwar communities. They are economically extremely vulnerable, and members of these communities are often illiterate.

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Alarmingly, even when they attempt to improve their lot by educating their children, as Hindus they lack any access to religiously unbiased education, basic human right. Young adults from these communities who want to study and need jobs thus become fodder for proselytizing organizations who offer them education only in exchange for religious affiliation.

PHS aims to offer these communities a chance to access education and the possibility of gainful employment without being forced to deny their ancestral traditions and culture, by setting up schools that do not discriminate on the basis of religion and offer upliftment to these marginalized and vulnerable communities. In these schools, enrollment will not be dependent on promising any religious affiliation, and we will gear our curriculum and enrollment towards the needs of these specific, vulnerable communities. We aim to create an environment where children get free education without any religious discrimination. We will try our best to fundraise from local donors and request for international donors to run the school.

PHS welcomes donations specifically for this purpose so that a fund can be made operational. We are registered as a Welfare Trust in Pakistan and our bank information for donation purposes is below.


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Bank Name                 SINDH BANK LIMITED

Account No.                0303-165646-1000

IBAN                           PK46SIND0003031656461000