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In Pakistan access to affordable, quality healthcare is still not available to the majority of the population. Patients from smaller towns and villages flock to cities like Karachi where there are more government-run hospitals and greater medical expertise than poorly equipped rural hospitals, as well as greater access to charitable organizations that help bear the otherwise prohibitive costs of medicine and surgeries. These charitable organizations are run largely with the help of zakat funds donated by wealthier Muslims as a religious tax. Thus for the working classes and those below the poverty line in Pakistan, healthcare is for all intents and purposes zakat-dependent.

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Clearly, this is not a sustainable system and the government needs to do more to ensure quality affordable healthcare for all Pakistanis. However, the current system presents an additional hurdle for religious minorities in Pakistan, since they are not eligible for these zakat funds. This is despite the fact that religious minorities very often come from economically vulnerable communities particularly in the rural areas. In this way, the current Pakistani healthcare system causes poor non-Muslims to be doubly discriminated against: first, as unable to access quality healthcare due to their economic status; and second, unable to access even the charity and zakat funds that Muslims can due to their status as a religious minorities.


Pakistan Hindu Seva aims to address this particular problem in Sindh by setting up a fund to sponsor healthcare for religious minorities in Pakistan who are barred from zakat funds. We aim to begin by setting up cells in the major government hospitals of Karachi, where many from rural Sindh come to seek healthcare. We will inform doctors in these hospitals of our services and set up coordination so that we can be alerted whenever such a situation arises that we can address. Eventually, we hope to expand to hospitals in the rest of Sindh as well.


PHS welcomes donations specifically for this purpose so that a fund can be made operational. We are registered as a Welfare Trust in Pakistan and our bank information for donation purposes is below.

For Donation:


Bank Name                 SINDH BANK LIMITED

Account No.                0303-165646-1000

IBAN                           PK46SIND0003031656461000